What our Clients Say about 3di


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“Working with 3di was fast and innovative, rapidly grasping our needs for creative new designs for a competitive consumer led market. Having their own in-house manufacturing allowed us to quickly produce sales quality samples of our products before commissioning multi-cavity tooling.”



“Appointing 3di as the design consultants for our new product range proved to be a successful choice from the very beginning of our project. Their professional but interactive and personable approach towards our team made even the most stressful parts of the project, enjoyable ones. Tony is extremely knowledgeable within his field and was able to connect us to suppliers and manufacturers where there were gaps in our existing network. They were never too busy to pull out the stops to assist us with our deadlines. They have even been known to spend full working days (and some more!) with material manufacturers to ensure that our product was meeting the design spec, which saved us precious time. A big thank you to you, and the rest of your team, for your valuable contribution to our project and we’re looking forward to working with you on the next one!”


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“OPRO has worked with Tony at 3di for many years and it would be fair to say that 3di has been the inspiration behind a number of our world leading mouthguard concepts. 3di has always been creative, responsive, imaginative, reliable and incredibly nice people to deal with. Their ability to translate our very specific technical and anatomical requirements into harmonious designs that also function exactly as required has been tremendous.”