Please see below frequently asked questions or feel free to email or call us to discuss how 3di product design can help with your project.

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Yes, Intellectual property protection is very important to help safeguard your product or invention from being copied or passing off as someone else’s idea.

At 3di Consulting we can guide you through the process to get your idea registered and protected.

Yes, we can. We have our own manufacturing facility with a selection of injection moulding machines. As experienced plastic and metal manufacturing product design engineers, our knowledge and understanding of the design parameters associated with the injection moulding process and metal manufacturing is key when selecting a product design company.

Our design process follows a four-stage approach: Discover, Define, Develop, Integrate. We can adapt our design service to suit the stage and budget of your project. Book a free consultation to tell us about your idea, so we can give you an outline of costs and strategy.

We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you discuss your idea to ensure client confidentiality.

We can help!

You are welcome to come and visit our friendly design team for a free no obligation consultation. We will guide you through the design process and recommend the best steps you need to take to turn your idea into reality.