Injection Moulding Product Tooling


When selecting the right tool for your product it’s important to understand budget, time and volume production.
The different tooling options are explained below:

Modular Bolster Product Tooling
  • Minimum investment as only fund the core and cavities of the tool.
  • Ideal for trialling product before investment.
Aluminium Product Tooling
  • Easier to cut than steel, which allows faster and shorter process times.
  • Cools faster than steel, reducing process times.
  • Rapid polishing.
  • Lighter than steel, enabling it to be used in smaller equipment.
P20 & Fully Hardened Steel Product Tooling
  • Harder and stronger material.
  • Longer shot life.
  • Higher volume production.
  • Allows for more complex tooling. e.g. side action.