Concepts & Renders


Drawing from years of industry experience, our approach is to take your idea and turn it into a real, viable, marketable product. The most important aspect of the product design process is extensive research. Brainstorming and gaining as many unbiased opinions about your idea is key to unlocking creative solutions that you may not necessarily have thought of on your own.

As design consultants, we specialise in firstly understanding the brief and challenging it to provide a cost-effective, functional and targeted product that stands out from the competition.

This stage of the process is exciting as it provides the client with product sketches and 3D render’s which are a clear visual reference as to what the product may look like.

Concept generation is a very creative and an interactive process which highlights any potential design problems and provides the stages of development.

3di hold the latest design licences in Creo, Solidworks, Keyshot, Adobe Creative suite and Rhinoceros to produce high quality renders and animations to bring your design to life.

Product concepts are an integral part of the design process. They are often used to pitch to potential investors and raise questions such as, “How do I make it at the targeted cost?” “What is the USP?” “How do we market it?”