We offer a range of design and development services.  We are highly flexible and collaborative in our approach and services can be tailored and refined to match your specific project needs.

A blend of solid engineering talent and creative problem-solving

The diversity of our projects demands that we are adaptable.  At any given time, we could be designing an invasive medical product, creating a mechanical proof of concept or drawing a new range of dental instruments.  We really enjoy a project that allows us to experience the whole journey and work as a team, brainstorming, idea generating, prototyping and implementing.

To look at some of our processes in more detail, just click on the relevant icon above and explore what we do.

Research & Strategy

Brainstorming and ideation creation pushing the boundaries to find the best ideas worth exploring.

Concepts & Renders

Creating concept imagery for project evaluation and proving ideas at their early stage.

Patents & IP

What are your design rights?  How do you protect your design?

Industrial Product Design

A fusion of manufacturing, mechanical and reverse engineering, our design proficiency can be utilised in a diverse range of industries. 

Design for Manufacture

Raise product quality and reduce manufacturing costs through detailed manufacturing preparation.

Engineering Design

Generation of high-quality manufacturing documentation to fully explore risks in manufacture.


Build proof of principle prototypes and carry out reviews to identify improvements.

Product Tooling

Support tooling and production setup into manufacture to ensure quality.

Product Manufacturing

Interpreting technical drawings to select the best manufacturing partner for your project.