Performance sports analysis tracker for aspiring athletes

The Design Challenge

When Quant-CX Ltd approached us to design a performance tracking device for elite sportsmen and women we jumped at the chance to get involved. Avid sport watchers these days and fine-tuned athletes in our 20’s!!, we took to the challenge of designing a light weight, wireless, water-resistant, affordable tracking device to monitor sports performance.

The Design Solution

The device would be reporting back data through state of the art wireless technology to a cloud base platform. 3di were given the functioning electronics to design a case to house the components.

After presenting several design concepts and renders, the chosen design was selected for prototyping and test for comfort and electronic user experience.

Further development into button design and branding were undertaken before final engineered drawings were prepared for manufacture.


  • Concept sketching and 3D renders
  • Detailed design
  • SLA Prototyping and over moulded silicone rubber button development
  • Engineering CAD used directly for tool manufacture

To arrange for a live demo click on the link https://www.quantrax.co.uk