Injection Moulding Product Tooling

The Right Tools

When selecting the right tool for your product it’s important to understand budget, time and volume production.
The different tooling options are explained below:

Modular Bolster Product Tooling

  • Minimum investment as only fund the core and cavities of the tool.
  • Ideal for trialling product before investment.

Aluminium Product Tooling

  • Easier to cut than steel, which allows faster and shorter process times.
  • Cools faster than steel, reducing process times.
  • Rapid polishing.
  • Lighter than steel, enabling it to be used in smaller equipment.

P20 & Fully Hardened Steel Product Tooling

  • Harder and stronger material.
  • Longer shot life.
  • Higher volume production.
  • Allows for more complex tooling. e.g. side action.