Get it off the ground…quickly!

Products come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, products come in such a vast array of shapes, sizes and materials that the cost of designing and manufacturing them can vary so much that we felt it necessary to map out what to expect if you’re considering embarking on this exciting journey.

Get it off the ground...quickly!




The first thing to bear in mind when kick starting an NPD project are the funds available to you. Funds can quickly run out for all manner of reasons, the most common being the iterative design loops that take place in the DEVELOP stage.

Another common misconception of product design projects and their subsequent manufacture is that if it’s a plastic product, it must be cheap! Well in some senses that is true. If you’ve the demand for 10,000 or even 50,000 moulded parts, your overall unit cost will very low. The problem here is injection moulded products have a high cost of entry due to the tooling needed to create the product. This high initial cost is often a barrier to most people, and that’s where their journey ends.

We always go on about ‘route to market’ to prospective clients. Route to market is so important, especially if you’re forking out £15,000 on tooling. You need to have sales guaranteed or at least assured sales otherwise your business will fall at the first hurdle.



Clearly, to get a product to market, a design is essential. Without the 3D CAD and engineering drawings, you won’t be able to get tooling, a prototype, or any short runs of your product made.

If you haven’t got a finalised design, you’ve come to the right place. We have many years’ experience designing and developing innovative solutions sold into a broad range of market sectors. You don’t need to be James Dyson to communicate your product idea to us, all you need is some very basic annotated sketches.

We offer a free initial consultation and idea review to anyone who has an interest in getting their product to market. During the consultation, we will cover the ground needed to gain a solid understanding of your idea, and discuss how exactly we can get your idea from concept to commercialisation.

If you’re interested in visiting our offices and progressing your idea to the next stage, call us to arrange a date: 01604 654114.