blackstar amplification

High performance guitar amps


The best thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel NO pain! That classic quote is certainly the case for Blackstar, they’ve been helping musicians express themselves since 2004. Everyone who works at Blackstar are die hard musicians, they understand the importance of great tone, product performance and world class design. Blackstar approached 3di for design support to create a series of photo realistic concept renders, fully engineered CAD design and 3D prototypes.


Working alongside Blackstar’s technical team, we explored several designs, manufacturing techniques and material finishes. By varying the range of coverings, colours and finishes, a range of amps could be produced to meet the varying budgets of musicians.  Most importantly only a single investment in tooling.

To ensure a successful product launch, it was key to get aesthetics, detail and ultimately music quality spot on to drive sales and retain customer loyalty.


  • 3D CAD injection moulding design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product sketches and renders
  • Technical design support

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