Bee Gym

Chemical-free grooming device for honeybees to protect against Varroa mites


It was only a few months ago we were working on an exciting project that involved the welfare of elephants in India and now at the other end of the spectrum, Bees!

Stuart Roweth, the inventor of Bee Gym, approached 3di to assist in the development of his unique product.

The Bee Gym is a framework consisting of four different shaped devices, which bees can use to scrape off or injure Varroa mites or other parasites. After positioning the device in the hive, there is no longer the need for the use of chemical treatments, which can limit life expectancy.


3di Consulting created 3D CAD drawings, which were then used to make the injection moulding tooling.

Further to the tooling being produced, a trial run was completed in 3di’s injection moulding plant with great success.

We wish Stuart all the best with his invention and are grateful to be part of a project that has such a positive effect on wildlife.

Bee Gym
Bee Gym


  • Design Meetings
  • Fully engineered solution for manufacture
  • Use and understanding of the function
  • In house 3D printing to sample CAD designs
  • Full project management