Medical & Laboratory Product Design

Our work in the medical sector

Delivering a medical or laboratory device to market swiftly and cost effectively is something that we have a great track record of doing!

Medical product design plays a crucial part in our healthcare system and as an experienced provider of design services in this industry, you can be confident that 3di Consulting offers the technical capability, creativity and sensitivity in helping you to develop your product.  

Our extensive knowledge enables us to determine the correct design decisions early on, meet expectations, regulations, budgets and performance indicators.

Areas of expertise

Our product development experience in the medical product design industry ranges from drug delivery devices to specialist laboratory and medical instruments.

The complex development work we undertake is varied and covers the following specialties:

  • Diagnostic devices
  • Orthopedic and rehabilitation
  • Dental
  • Pharmaceutical drug trials
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Sport and fitness performance monitors