5 Tips to Trigger Sales

5 Tips to Trigger Sales

5 Tips to Trigger Sales

A Product Designers View

1. Make your product intuitive










User experience is of paramount importance for any design. If your solution works and looks great but is overly complex, the uptake of your product will be somewhat limited. Customers want something that is simple, minimalistic and innate.

The solution needed is one that’s easy to understand and conveys the brand’s message with clarity. The right formula of minimalist and intuitive design is commonly used for most modern products with high customer uptake.

One major way which keeps customers coming back for more is ‘UX design.’ UX is short for user experience, a slick design and savvy experience can be the key to captivating an audience in turn seeing their usage of the product increase. One way to mitigate any potential failing within a product is to consider the why, what and how the product is to be used. The ‘Why’ often involves users’ motivations for adopting a product, whether they relate to a task they wish to perform with it, or to values and views associated with the ownership and use of the product

The ‘What’ addresses the things people can do with a product – its functionality. ‘How’ relates to the design of functionality in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing way. The ‘How’ is so important as it crafts meaningful experiences which often lead to a brand loyal consumer.

2. Improve packaging style















Humans are fickle creatures. If there is one statement worth remembering it’s: ‘aesthetics attract.’ Pristine packaging pulls customers in and pushes them towards the check outs. Its so important to ensure that the packaging created resonates with the product inside and reinforces branding.

Presenting your products beautifully will gift you with the edge needed to plant the seed necessary to reinforce your branding within the minds of potential customers. There are some absolute essentials when considering packaging such as ‘shelf impact.’ Remember the stores your product might be sold in are riddles with brightly coloured products from your competitors, hence why its so important to stand out.

Nowadays consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. The recyclability of packaging is very important and needs to be clearly identifiable. Using eco-friendly packaging for your products will appeal to such customers and effectively boost sales volumes and brand appeal.

3. Quality and consistency are key









Once a design has been published in the public domain and is without a doubt, a shelf-ready, commercialised product being sold at market. Time needs to be devoted to thinking about the next version – MK 2.

What’s the second option that will attract new customers to your products whilst simultaneously keeping your original customers loyal?

Consistency within your efforts, your offering and approach will provide you an opportunity to launch another design that maintains the same uptake as your first design. It’s really important to prioritise consistency, as mentioned before, a consistent product coupled with strong branding is key to a loyal customer base.

Any ‘MK 2’ should build upon the first version, addressing any issues and including any new features that needed to be incorporated.

4. Plan, plan, and then plan again






To ensure a project is run smoothly, proper planning needs to be in place to ensure all the deliverables and deadlines are hit. If there’s slack within a project plan, there will inevitably be slack later down the line.

Typically, within any design project there will be 4 simple steps taking you from concept to commercialisation. The first entails all essential market-research, the second is invaluable and allows a design brief to be formulated so that the product development process runs smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

5. Marketing strategy is part of your product strategy








Yes, your product looks fabulous and tells a thousand tales. However, your product may fall short when reaching a wide audience past the boundaries of the industry you’re involved within.

It’s extremely important you conquer a vast audience. Certain demographics and target audiences will react differently to various marketing strategies and communication channels. Online and offline marketing techniques are essential to build a devoted and trusted customer base on a local and national level.



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